Saturday, 8 November 2014

#synod14 - a peasant Catholic view

So, what was it all about? In the main . . . . . . not what it seemed to be about. It seemed to be about the family. Then it seemed to be about re-marrieds and homosexuals receiving Holy Communion.

But it wasn't.

It was about the formation of the remnant. It was about God giving us a glimpse of what is to come. Helping us. Guiding us. It was about narrowing our gaze to the words of the Christ and clinging to them. Purifying us.

It was asking us all  DID HE LIE?   Did He? When he said the gates of Hell would not prevail? When he said 'This is my Body'?   DID HE LIE?

No, he didn't lie. And for a peasant Catholic that's all that matters. Bishops don't matter and Cardinals don't matter unless they are upholding our beautiful teaching. They don't matter and banging on about them too much is a distraction of which the evil spirit must be proud.

We cannot be deflected from bringing up the subject of what we believe and why we believe it at every opportunity. We cannot be diverted from going house to house, street by street with our wonderful treasure. Winning the daily battles in the war for our salvation.

We can be grateful to God for giving us such Holy men to encourage us as those who have spoken out: Burke, Pell, Schneider etc. Of course, it would be wonderful to have them all speaking out and proclaiming that Jesus Christ is on earth in His human nature ONLY in the Blessed Sacrament but that is a fantasy. We have a few good and holy men. We have enough.

You can't be too stupid to trust God knows what he is doing but you can be too clever.

A grateful peasant Catholic.


  1. Great post, Tigga. I think some good came from this synod. We got an insight into the conflict in the Church and information about who is fighting for, and who is fighting against, Catholic truth.

  2. Too many people idolize leaders, even some Catholics who, instead of learning the Faith for themselves, which is our duty, rely too much on men.

    Sinners and schismatics, heretics and evil men are not new in the Church. What is new is heated brain of the media.

    What was hidden to some is now known to all-that the Church has enemies within the gates.

    Pray and learn your Faith, laity.