Saturday, 8 November 2014

#synod14 - a peasant Catholic view

So, what was it all about? In the main . . . . . . not what it seemed to be about. It seemed to be about the family. Then it seemed to be about re-marrieds and homosexuals receiving Holy Communion.

But it wasn't.

It was about the formation of the remnant. It was about God giving us a glimpse of what is to come. Helping us. Guiding us. It was about narrowing our gaze to the words of the Christ and clinging to them. Purifying us.

It was asking us all  DID HE LIE?   Did He? When he said the gates of Hell would not prevail? When he said 'This is my Body'?   DID HE LIE?

No, he didn't lie. And for a peasant Catholic that's all that matters. Bishops don't matter and Cardinals don't matter unless they are upholding our beautiful teaching. They don't matter and banging on about them too much is a distraction of which the evil spirit must be proud.

We cannot be deflected from bringing up the subject of what we believe and why we believe it at every opportunity. We cannot be diverted from going house to house, street by street with our wonderful treasure. Winning the daily battles in the war for our salvation.

We can be grateful to God for giving us such Holy men to encourage us as those who have spoken out: Burke, Pell, Schneider etc. Of course, it would be wonderful to have them all speaking out and proclaiming that Jesus Christ is on earth in His human nature ONLY in the Blessed Sacrament but that is a fantasy. We have a few good and holy men. We have enough.

You can't be too stupid to trust God knows what he is doing but you can be too clever.

A grateful peasant Catholic.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Let Yourself Be Led By The Immaculate, St Maximilian Maria Kolbe

I've vowed to promote this book this year. It's an absolute gem - for all sorts of reasons, not least of which is the fact that it is quite short (great for lazy Catholics/non-readers) and well translated in very accessible language (good for uneducated Catholics/non-readers) and cheap (on Kindle less than $3/good for skint Catholics).

You don't have to be familiar with St Louis Marie de Montfort's True Devotion or have done any reading on true devotion to The Immaculate to be able to grasp some of St Kolbe's understanding of the mystery by which Jesus gives ALL graces ONLY through her hands and She loves Him back through us. Purifying our works, prayers, sufferings before offering them to Him. He will surely take them from her hands.

A favourite story about St Kolbe is that when looking for land to build Niepokalanow all seemed hopeless and he took a statue of Our Lady and placed it in the middle of the field he wanted but could not afford; consecrating the land to Her.  Shortly afterwards, the landowner gave him the land.

Our Lady of Fatima said 'My Immaculate Heart will triumph'. It's surely no co-incidence that The Immaculate has brought this book to us at this critical time to help bring about that triumph. It's certain that Jesus, Her loving son, will not tolerate for long the world - some even in his Church - deriding and insulting Her on whom He was so utterly dependent and by whom he was so devotedly loved.

If you read no other book about Our Lady but this one, you will have been offered the most eloquent sharing of this mysterious love; understanding it - as St Kolbe says - can come only from prayer.

"With our poor heart she loves her divine son. We become the means through which the Immaculate loves Jesus, and Jesus, seeing us her property, a part, as it were, of his most beloved Mother, loves her in us and through us."

"Do not be afraid at all to love the Immaculate too much since .... you will never love her like Jesus loved her. Now all our sanctity consists in imitating Jesus. He who approaches her, by the very fact approaches God; he just does it by following the shortest, surest, easiest road.. The most holy Mother is Mediatrix of all graces without exception . . .Therefore the life of grace of a soul depends on the degree of its closeness to her."

Friday, 20 December 2013

Our Lady's

Mmmm. About 15 - 20 of the 400 local Mass goers were at Mass on the last First Saturday (Dec 7th). This is the usual Saturday morning Mass attendance during University term time.

3 stayed on after Mass for the Rosary and for the 15 minutes prayer before the Blessed Sacrament meditating on the Mysteries of the Rosary.

The Legion of Mary has been trying to raise the profile of the First Five Saturdays devotion in our Parish this year.  Three 'Fatima film nights', posters about this devotion in the Church and Chaplaincy, little prayer cards etc.

Our Lady's stats 3 followers, 397 unfollowers via Our Lady's #JustSaying

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Why we need some revolutionary spirit . . . and WHY Lucky the Leprechaun is gay

As the 'regime' marches on toward the abyss some of us admire the Americans and the French who have manifested their revolutionary genes and harnessed the placard and the flag and the tee-shirt (LA MANIF POUR TOUS) and social media (Pro Life Twitter storms in the USA) while we by comparison can seem inert and deaf to what is going to come.

If we sneeze when the US catches a cold then get out some big hankies because within days of the Supreme Court ruling on same sex unions the regime in the US is moving swiftly to exploit the, now, legitimised grooming of our children.

Gen Mills sweets are proud (and it's all about 'pride' yes?) to cash in on their rainbow packaging to highlight their support of the new 'diversity' in society.  They are 'gaying up' the candy folks. Yes, Lucky the Leprechaun is gay.

Meanwhile CBS are in talks with leaders of the LGBT  community to discuss how best to incorporate transgender characters into their programming. Apparently it's 'critical' that they are portrayed in a positive light.

Over at Disney they have announced a children's channel programme is to include two lesbian 'parents' to make it 'more relevant to children'.

Back in Blighty a couple in London were forced to delete 'in sickness and in health' from their marriage vows as it was deemed to be too Christian.

My question is: are we ready for the seismic changes that will follow the same sex union legislation?
Are we ready for the LEGITIMISED GROOMING OF CHILDREN because that's what it will be.

Where are OUR Twitter storms? Where are our #hashtags? Where are our leaders? Our placards? Tee-shirts?